Attività formativa

In each academic year there are four main, mainly seminar courses (one of which is dedicated to the interpretation of a classical text and another one has mostly an interdisciplinary character). They are directed and attended by the teachers of the faculty and involve frequent interventions by external experts. Teachers and/or experts play also the role of tutor in following the doctoral students in the preparation of at least two essays per year related to the topics dealt with in the framework of the seminars. The educational offer is enriched by one-day conferences dedicated to specific topics (four in the last year) and discussions on recent philosophical publications (three in the last year). In more informal meetings, not shown in the public calendar of activities, we discuss the perspectives or outcomes of ongoing researches and share external experiences (participation in conferences, missions or stays abroad, etc.). The official activities in place take at least 120 hours per year. The program can be consulted on the PhD site. In addition to carrying out their individual research, the doctoral students actively participate in institutional seminars, within which they must produce papers, followed and evaluated by teachers other than the tutor. They are also strongly invited to participate in the national conferences of PhD students, where they have the opportunity to confront experts (as well as colleagues) from other universities and research centres; our doctorate has traditionally a strong presence in these conferences, which are hosted in recent years by the Fondazione S. Carlo in Modena. We take care to follow the missions and stays abroad of the PhD students, also through direct contacts with the colleagues of the host venues. In general, participation in call for papers and congresses is encouraged, as well as the autonomous proposal and organization of opportunities for study, research, and prepare publications (supported by the teachers, of course). Everything then flows into the annual student report, on which the assessment for the passage to the next year of the doctorate course is based.